Alaskan Villagers Prepare for Trip of A Lifetime

A school teacher in the Alaskan Bush encourages her k-12 students to dream BIG; planning a field trip to the lower 48. A film crew from Santa Barbara, California will document the historic journey. Please visit this site for frequent updates on their progress.

A Dream Come True

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Helping Alaska kids succeed is a moral choice, not a political one

Helping Alaska kids succeed is a moral choice, not a political one
The first article I read, by the newspaper's editor, declares that helping these kids is a moral choice, sharing about the huge difficulties for these kids to succeed in life, so a trip like this is so important for their education and self confidence. The editor has seen the deep needs of the native youth and feels that they are worth helping. He says: A trip like the one the Stony River students are trying to embark on could give a little hope after a long winter, a little more knowledge about the world beyond their village. That they matter, too, that this state, and country, needs them to stay alive. (Wow!)

He believes this so strongly that they held a fund raising event in Anchorage last month. Several of the kids (Mary, Nacole, Brittany and Tyrel) were invited to share about their California trip.

The second article that I read (actually written earlier) tells about the trip for which the Stony River school kids are fundraising. It's entitled:

California dreams realized, rural Alaska students seek help to reach Washington, DC

The article tells about their trip to California last May and their efforts to raise money for going to DC. It includes the link to the movie trailer made about the the Gusty Michael School kids by Michael Warner, and tells more about the trip planned to DC. If you haven't seen it yet, do!
Those of us who got to spend time with these kids/teens while they were here so enjoyed them! They are really neat kids!

In fading regions, Stony River among rural schools struggling to survive

The third article tells about how the village communities are struggling to stay alive. When the village school closes,
it greatly impacts the viability of a village. This article includes a wonderful set of photos about the children in their school.
The decision regarding the Stony River school will be made in this next week.

All of the articles include a link to where donations can be given/sent. Only $10,000 remains to be raised!
The trip is to begin at the end of this month, so please, if you are considering giving a gift, do so soon! And Thank you!